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Whatever it is, the way you tell your story can make all the difference.

Paper and paste posters or billboards - whether 48-sheets or 96-sheets have been re-labelled as “classic” formats due to their enduring appeal and ability to reach consumers where other formats are unable to stand-out.  Classic 48- sheet billboards or 96-sheets can connect a brand with a core audience whilst simultaneously providing exposure to a whole new demographic.

Definition: “A classic is an outstanding example of a particular style; something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality.”

The backbone of traditional out of home campaigns, classic 48 sheets are proven to drive brand awareness and create a sense of brand familiarity due to their high visibility in both roadside and pedestrian locations.


Bringing out-of-home advertising home.


Why advertise on Classic 48 Sheets?


Pack a Punch.

Deliver local brand fame and awareness.

Standing at 3m tall by 6m wide these advertising sites demand attention.

Enable advertisers to minimise spend whilst maximising both brand exposure and return on investment.


Honest and Authentic.

Real world messaging that is free from editorial content and conflict.

Inclusive. For everyone.

Viewed as a trusted medium due to their long-standing presence on our roads and in the community.


In the Community.

Scope for long-term ownership to create message frequency and familiarity.

One message reaching many people; 24/7, in locations personally important - community where people live, work and play.

Accessible to all advertisers and all budgets.

“The honesty of a classic billboard is like nothing else; a single sucker punch image and seven words.”
Nick Maddison, Managing Partner, the7stars

Classic 48s

In Good Company.

The UK’s biggest spending advertisers all understand the importance of using Classic 48 sheets in order to reach consumers within their local communities and close to home. Building brand awareness and familiarity are still key factors for advertisers looking to influence potential customers. According to McKinsey “Brand awareness matters: brands in the initial-consideration set can be up to three times more likely to be purchased eventually than brands that aren’t in it.”

Classic 48 sheets are also scalable with flexible buying options from one single billboard which also makes them the perfect local advertising support for small businesses looking to drive store footfall or increase communication with prospective clients.


A Classic Case in Point.

Jack Arts’ Community is Kindness billboard campaign ran in April 2020 with classic 48 sheets delivering a powerful message to those feeling isolated by the first Covid lockdown. The agency’s vision was to take an empowering message to the heart of local communities and traditional billboards were the most effective way to communicate 24/7.

"I was struck by the boldness of it, it made me feel warm, and the message is bang on point," said Jim, after seeing a poster in Hackney Wick.

Flora was on her way to the shops when she walked past a billboard - "I saw it very early in the morning on a particularly grey stretch of road and the colours caught my eye.”

Source: BBC News, 17th April 2020

Home is where the Heart is.

According to research from Posterscope, two-thirds of people (64%) say that lockdown made them realise the importance of their local high street, while half (50%) believe they now have a stronger emotional connection with their local community.


Additionally, 40% of respondents say they feel more favourable or positive towards brands that currently use OOH than before the pandemic.


Posterscope believe that this is “largely because consumers have more confidence in brands currently using the medium and being proactive in turbulent times. Simultaneously, outdoor advertising has a strong community connection”.

Source: Posterscope study “The Mobility Mindset” via WARC 19/10/20

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Backlight 48s

Elevate your 48 sheet campaign and maximise brand visibility via backlight panels on key arterial roads across 5 locations in London, Newcastle and Portsmouth. 

Production Specifications

Production specifications and deadlines differ depending on the type of campaign booked - Classic 48 sheet, Backlight 48 sheet or Digital 48 sheet.  Please refer to the specifications by format and contact us if you have any questions.

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Bringing Outdoor Home.

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